Rahul Dev : a hindu GD pilot from Tharparker Sindh

Rahul Dev A hindu GD pilot is making waves on internet on his selection in PAF.


Rahul Dev has been selected as GD Pilot for Pakistan Airforce. He hails from Tharparkar Sindh which is a very remote area.


The twitter users are saying that it is indeed a great news during this time of Corona Crises.

Many of the Pakistanis are happy and wishing Rahul Dev all the success. The happy picture of the GD pilot is also circulating on the Twitter.

Here are a few comments.

A twitter user wrote,

” Congratulations , Rahul Dev who hails from very remote village of Tharparkar , has been selected as GD Pilot in Pakistan Air Force.”

Another user wrote,

” Congratulations to Rahul Dev on his selection as GD Pilot in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). He hails from a remote village of Tharparkar, Sindh. All our love and prayers for him. ”

Well, we hope and pray more of our minorities get success in all the professions. Pakistan has witness a lot of Civil and Army officers from our minorities who are greatly contributing in Pakistan’s success as frontline soldiers. The Hindu doctors in Pakistan are very competent and qualified.

Pakistan is blessed with immense talent.

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