Pakistani airliner crashes in Karachi residential area

It appears that the aircraft had 99 passengers and eight crew members on board. In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the country had authorized the resumption of internal commercial flights a few days earlier.


A plane of the company Pakistan international Airlines (PIA) with a hundred people on board crashed this Friday in Karachi, the capital of the South, said the Pakistani aviation authority.


Public television footage shows the aircraft crashed in a residential area.

"The plane crashed in Karachi. We are trying to confirm the number of passengers, but initially there were 99 passengers and eight crew members," said Abdul Sattar Khokhar, spokesman for the plane. aviation authority of Pakistan, adding that the flight came from Lahore, the country's second city.

The Pakistani military tweeted that it had sent a rapid response force, along with paramilitary elements, to the scene of the accident, who arrived there.
Mixed aviation safety record

The disaster comes just days after the country authorized the resumption of domestic commercial flights. For more than a month, domestic connections had been suspended to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Very few international flights had been maintained.

Pakistan has a mixed record for aviation safety, with frequent civil and military aircraft and helicopter crashes having occurred over the years. The last major air accident in Pakistan dates back to December 2016, when an airliner of the national company PIA carrying out a domestic flight had crashed in the mountainous north of the country, killing 47 people.

The deadliest crash in recent years in Pakistan dates back to 2010. An Airbus 321 from private Airblue, flying from Karachi to Islamabad, crashed in the hills shortly before landing in the capital, killing 152 people on board. .

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